Content Creation

Content. Content and more Content.

One of the most important factors for top SEO rankings is content.

Quality, Relevant, Informative Content.

Search engines LOVE nothing more than new, fresh content on your website.

Your content should contain the relevant keywords about your core product or service on that specific page. Your page header, meta tag, headings & sub-headings, image alts, meta descriptions, permalinks and several other factors all need to be relevant to that specific keyword.

Remember, Google and other search engines only show the most relevant information to the searcher in the results preview. Therefore, the more relevant the content to the key phrase being searched, the more chance your website has of being displayed.

At the SEO Institute, we offer content creation and article writing.

Our skilled team conduct extensive research on the topic on hand, analyse the content found and create the most unique content just for YOU.

You can either provide us with the keywords you would to highlight in the content or we can include a keyword relevance search according to your industry and write content based on our findings.

We charge R1.20 per word written.

Other Benefits Of Content Creation

  • It builds backlinks! The greater your content, the higher chance you have of other websites wanting to link your website on theirs because they want to share your content with their viewers as well. What a win!
  • Brand Awareness. Content is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness since it is shareable. Hiring a PR company can sometimes be a little heavy on the pocket with poor ROI. There is nothing more effective for your brand than good content being shared on social platforms. Whether it is a video, an image or a simple 5 word phrase. If your viewers can relate to what you write about, you are already winning as a brand. People love to relate!
  • Audience Education. Great content will educate your viewers and push them to make wiser decisions. Before a user makes a choice, they first try to understand the options available to them. The quicker and more honestly you educate your user, the sooner they will make their decision.
Content creation