Local SEO vs Organic SEO

The difference between local SEO and organic SEO is quite simple actually.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO has a geographical component and is targeted for businesses that want to optimize their location visibility.

78% of small local business believe that new customers come from searching online! That is an incredible percentage!

Local SEO has more practice in building signals around a specific region. Therefore, if a searcher enters the phrase ‘Burgers’, local restaurants within close proximity to the searcher are guaranteed to pop up.

Local SEO

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the traditional practice of SEO. It has less to do with location (obviously) and more to do about how relevant your website is for the term being searched.

Search engines seek out the most relevant and engaging content for the search query.

Organic search happens when search engines pick up that there is no local intent. Therefore, the searcher is rather looking for specific information rather than location intent.

If the searcher types in ‘Burger Recipe’, the most relevant, trusted and engaged burger recipe will pop up.

Organic SEO

Which SEO Should I Consider?

Both types of SEO use almost all the same SEO factors. There are hundreds of factors that need to be optimized and considered in order to rank on search engines.

However, a local burger restaurant for example, will benefit more practicing local SEO than organic SEO. Businesses that only offer products and services within a specific region should follow local SEO.

If you have an online store and sell products nationwide and you do not have an exact location or store, then you will want to follow organic seo.

local seo vs organic seo

Should I Rank For Both Local SEO And Organic SEO?

You may find you end up ranking for organic SEO as well as local seo since there is very little difference between the two. To rank highly for both, your business needs to be relevant for a specific term or key phrase.

Google and other search engines love new and fresh content. Therefore, if you are focusing on local SEO but add new content often enough and relevant enough, you will most likely rank highly for organic SEO too.

If you are focusing on organic SEO only, it will benefit your business to optimize local strategies as well because it will help you reach more devices. If you haven’t already incorporated this, we suggest you do so.

Online Reputation Is Crucial For Local SEO

And we cannot highlight this enough. If you are ranking highly for the terms you are happy to rank for. But, you have negative reviews. Reacting to negative and positive reviews is crucial for your online presence. Let us explain:

  • If you rank highly for your local intent, but you have no reviews. You gain the visibility but you do not gain the customers trust.
  • If you’re ranking but you have negative reviews that have not been answered or resolved, you have the visibility but the client already has a negative perception of your business (depending on the review of course).
    Some customers don’t even read the reviews; they just look out for the stars. They look for the 5 stars, if they can’t find any, the lower their standards to 4.9 stars and so on.
  • If you rank highly and you have all positive reviews, BAM! You have won the jackpot and customers will choose your business over all other options (depending on their ratings as well).

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